Zatvori Otvori

A hotel for lovers of culture, is an extensive four-storey building, on the elevations of which the fundamental historical and cultural periods of medieval and modern Europe can be observed: Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance. On the eastern elevation it is easy to see the featurse of the Romanesque and the Gothic, while the northern elevation facing onto Pjaca has Renaissance features. The access to this spacious patrician home is through the internal court, in which even today there is an old wellhead, while the staircase leads to the upper floor that is meant only for guests of the Judita Palace Hotel. From the hotel balcony, guests of the Judita Palace can enjoy the view of Pjaca, always interesting and never the same. Just fifty metres from the hotel, passing through the Western Gate of Diocletian’s Palace and below one of the oldest of all Croatian bell towers, lies the heart of Diocletian’s Palace and the heart of Split: the Peristyle and Diocletian’s Mausoleum, since the beginning of the Christian era the Cathedral of St Doimus. From the campanile of the cathedral there is a magnificent view of the whole of Split and its surroundings.

The Judita Palace too does its best to conjure up for you old Split, from the time when Emperor Diocletian had the imperial palace built, palace from which the city was to take shape over seventeen centuries. Walking through the narrow little streets, called kalete, you will get to know a space in which many before us have lived and created, from the time of Diocletian, a space in which life has constantly tended towards joy and beauty, notwithstanding everything. This you will be able to feel best in the Judita Palace, enjoying the peace of its courtyard graced by the old well, going down the old stone stairs, resting in the shadow of the patrician loggia, listening to the songs in which the Adriatic Sea murmurs together with the centuries-old and yet everyday new lines of the songs of the Dalmatian a cappella singing group. In this century of ours you can experience many different times and learn about the many celebrated craftsmen and builders, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs who have set an indelible seal on this city.